redefining security


Autonomous Drive

Powered by patented 3D SLAM based navigation technology, O-R3 is able to patrol streets, pathways, and open spaces, avoid static and dynamic obstacles, and return-to-base when its energy runs out.

Data-Driven Surveillance

Sensors + Cameras

With HD cameras, 360° view of computer vision, and a wide range of sensors, OTSAW O-R3 is able to capture, record, and process a vast amount of information.

Human-robot collaboration

The data is provided to your security team 24/7 in real-time, and always available in the cloud for later review, allowing optimal understanding and decision making in any situation.

Data recording

On-robot data recording of patrol operations ensures no on-patrol data is lost in the event of unreliable communications network.

AI to prevent crime

The data gathered by cameras and sensors is processed in real-time. Computer vision with advanced machine learning based surveillance technology, alerts your security guards at the command centre to anomalous situations, enabling them to take appropriate countermeasures as necessary.

Why o-r3

augmentS SECURITY operations

Increased productivity at reduced cost

O-R3 operates 24/7 with no breaks, distractions, or sick leave, boosting the reliability and productivity in your security operations, whilst lowering costs.

24/7 physical presence

Round the clock mobile patrolling can augment your network of static cameras to provide a more reliable solution to your physical security needs. OTSAW O-R3 can operate in a wide range of environments, presenting a physical presence to enhance crime deterrence and the overall safety of your premises.

Enhanced security operations

O-R3 helps your company to increase efficiency and effectiveness of security operations. Real-time alerts, and context-specific alarms provide you at any moment with a more accurate understanding of the safety in your property.




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