OTSAW Robot as a Service


RaaS stands for Robot as a Service, which implies you don’t purchase our robots, but subscribe to our security services. This business model provides more flexibility for your organization when stipulating your leasing contract with OTSAW and reduce time to (for) benefit. On our end, we are constantly adding new features to the security and surveillance systems, while enhancing and optimizing the Artificial Intelligence and Self-Driving technology. The RaaS model ensures you are running the most updated software in your patrol robot with free upgrades, all the time.

benefits of Robot as a service

RaaS allows you to enjoy a state of the art quality service and seamless customer experience from setup to deployment and operations. Your contract includes setup and deployment, continuous training and service support, access to our Fleet Management Control System (FMCS), maintenance, and software updates to guarantee our security robots are always at top performance.


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